Mixing installation

With a mixing installation of Stumaco you can put your vegetables together in a mechanical way. This way you don’t have to fill the boxes yourself, but you can draw up a personalized database with the different vegetable mixtures on it. Check the relevant page for more details.  

The mixing installation of Stumaco mixes your vegetables in all possible combinations. You only have to put the product composition(s) into your personalized database. You decide the exact amount of every vegetable for each mixture. Then the system shall connect every type of vegetable to a storage hopper and determine the product supply for each hopper. The product will be dosed, weighed and finally disgorged onto a collecting conveyor which leads to the box filler. This one will in its turn fill the boxes till its maximum. Ultimately the roller conveyor will bring the boxes to the storage room.        

Stumaco’s standard mixing installation counts several components, but of course you can always adjust the implementation:

  • drill unit
  • roller conveyor
  • box tipper
  • storage hopper
  • extraction shaker
  • elevator type redler
  • sorting belt
  • storage hoppers with screw reclaimer,- shaker or -belt
  • conveyor belt
  • glazing machine 
  • filling nozzle

Contact us if you have questions or for more possibilities!