Engineering / Research

Stumaco designs and builds conveyor belts, -systems, machinery and complete lines.
Therefore we have our own engineering office.

From the beginning till the best result

Stumaco designs and builds conveyor belts, -systems, machinery and complete lines. Therefore we have our own engineering office. That allows us to assist you from the initial phase of the project. Together with you we design the layout and the design for the machine. That way we try to find an economic and effective solution.


How does our engineering office work?

We have a certain road map which our engineering team follows to the letter. A new concept always starts with a thorough conversation. During that conversation you are able to inform your ideas to us and of course you can make demands from your own experience based on your product knowledge.  With that information we are able to start designing immediately. We’ll present you our first design. After that we develop a detailed design adapted as necessary. When doing so we take account of the production- and maintenance cost, but also of the maintainability afterwards. Now we build a machine or a complete line in our atelier and there we check and test everything. During the implementation phase we do the on-site installation.


What can we build for you?

We do not only design and build machines, but we also offer overall concepts. That way you only have to share your ideas with us and we realize them for you. Next to this we also offer all our machines and lines tailor-made. You don’t have to worry about the measurements. Because quality and maintainability are really important we deliver everything in stainless steel. You can check the associated page for the many advantages of your stainless steel constructions. Ultimately, we also offer you a piping installation.


Our project engineers

Project engineers often know the theory of the construction of the machines, but that doesn’t mean that they know the practical side of it. At Stumaco we make sure that our engineers also master the practice. And this happens in the workplace. When project engineers come to our company for the first time, we train them in the atelier to become mechanical manufacturers. Then they learn how to weld, cut and bend... . And to master the course they also join going to the customer for the installation. That way we do not only teach them how to design machines and complete lines in theory, but they can also follow the whole practical side of the project. As head of the mechanical engineering the project engineer leads the installations en follows the work until the delivery. And thereby you can be sure that your fixed contact point in the company has everything under control.