Self-cleaning and disinfecting screw conveyor

Self-cleaning and disinfecting screw conveyor

Selected Innovation Interpom 2021

What’s new?

A screw conveyor is provided with the necessary mechanical features and the right cleaning agents to build a self-cleaning water-efficient system.

This is as a result of the demand from the food industry to ensure hygiene in their processes, control the high costs of rinsing and cleaning and increase sustainability by drastically reducing water consumption.


What is the added value for the user?

• The cleaning time is shortened, so more production capacity.

• Disinfection and cleaning is more efficient and safer at the same time.

• Setting competitive prices through cost efficiency:

o Water consumption is reduced.

o Energy consumption is reduced.

o Chemical consumption is reduced.

o Hourly wages fall away. No planning required from staff.

• Food manufacturers are terrified of being in the media with recalls because of contamination. A high-performance automatic system that is no longer dependent on the human error factor and at the same time is cost-effective, sustainable and safe, sounds like music to our ears.


What is the added for further sustainability and professionalization of the vegetable sector?

The automatic process leads to guaranteed safe cleaning while controlling water and chemical consumption. The dream of efficiently cleaning/disinfecting machines at the push of a button has become a reality.